Energy generating design facades.

Our facades contribute
to a green and solar
based future.


We make Solar Design for facades. The built environment causes 36% of all CO2 emissions. By means of innovative solar panels on facades, Studio Solarix contributes to the development of smart cities in which buildings generate more energy than they use and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

In our new generation of facade panels, we link solar energy to beauty in the built environment. We call this Solar Design. Studio Solarix wants to give energy to facades and people. In our studio we design, realize high-quality sustainable projects and develop our own color collections for our panels, which provide optimal color and energy.


We proudly present: Dot, our first collection of Solar Design panels! Dot is part of Solarix Colors, a unique color technique for coloring solar panels, creating a deep color experience in combination with high energy generation. This collection provides a glimpse into the future, in which aesthetics and sustainability go hand in hand.

We work with the team on innovative developments for the coloring of solar panels integrated in the façade, paying a lot of attention to the correct structure and materialization of the colors and color experience.

Energy generating

through design.

We make solar design
facades happen.


Solarix design facades are eye-catching sustainable facades with a revenue model. Both for existing real estate, redevelopment and of course also in new construction. Studio Solarix realizes Turn Key Solar Design facades. We are the partner for your solar façade and arrange everything from A to Z. From a Vila in green to a residential tower of 150 meters in brick red tones.

We design, supply, engineer, install, monitor and maintain Solar Design facades. Facades that can make a major contribution to increasing value, verduurzaming én verbijzondering van architectonische projecten. In the past 5 years, Studio Solarix has worked with Cairn Real Estate, Van Wijnen, CRA Vastgoed and more.

Co2 impact and circularity ambitions.

As Solarix, we want to make a major impact on the global energy transition. We believe that with our sustainable facade applications we can achieve a CO2 reduction of more than 25% in the built environment over the next 25 years.

More than 36% of all CO2 emissions come from the built environment. With facade panels from Studio Solarix, buildings will generate more energy instead of blowing CO2 into the atmosphere. Facades are the energy sources of the future!

Designing for a better future.


Curious about the possibilities of Studio Solarix facade panels
in your new construction or existing construction project?
By means of our non-binding Solarcheck we provide insight into
the possibilities and expected energy yield.

News and Blogs.

Eindhoven Switch Light

Eindhoven Switch Light

Eindhoven Switch During the Dutch Design Week in 2017, Solarix showed its first prototypes at the Stadhuisplein in Eindhoven. As part of the "Switch Light" exhibition, several innovative and eye-catching ideas are shown, including Solarix. With approximately 335,000...

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BNR Green Challenge

BNR Green Challenge

Solarix wins the ABN AMRO Innovation AwardAfter nomination for the BNR Green Challenge 2019, we also won the Engie prize! For this we have been in the broadcast of Harm Edens on BNR radio on July 8. We are now in talks with Engie about how they can apply Solarix in...

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Solarix wins the ABN AMRO Innovation Award

Solarix wins the ABN AMRO Innovation Award

Solarix wins the ABN AMRO Innovation Award   Solarix won the ABN AMRO Innovation Award yesterday! During the CFP Green Buildings Event 2019, 40 start-ups and scale-ups competed for the first prize.Our ambition is to come up with solutions that touch people's...

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