We create an identity for buildings, making them unique and friendly within their surroundings. A new way to communicate and bringing nature back in the traditional high tech world.

Marloes van Heteren (1977)

Marloes is an architect. She studied architectural Design at the technical university in Delft (the Netherlands) and worked at Claus & Kaan Architects and UNstudio. She founded Cube Architects, but was in her work triggered by the potential of green, clean energy and circular materials. This encouraged Marloes to explore new possibilities as an architect. Why not integrate solar panels as a bold, but beautiful statements for buildings, in stead of putting them away on rooftops?

Marloes van Heteren

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Reinier Bosch (1980)

Reinier Bosch studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). He showed his work in international galleries and was recognized for his strong vision and boundary-breaking fusion of art and technology. His belief is that beauty and sustainability can create a greater impact on cities if elements are combined, instead of used for just one matter. The grey, boring solar panels needed an update. Combining forces with Marloes give this idea a real boost. Solarix was born.

Reinier Bosch

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Awards and recognitions

Solarix won the solar challenge of the Dutch Design Week in 2017. This award kick-started the company and product development.

Reinier Bosch was awarded most talented student at the Design Academy in 2008. In this year he was also the runner up for the most talented student by Wallpaper* magazine.

Bosch had shows at ArtGenève in 2017, Cologne Fine Art in 2016, the Roers&Boetsch Gallery in Zurich in 2016 and Design Miami/Basel (2013-2015). His piece ‘Funnel’ or ‘Trechter’ (dutch) is placed in the culture district of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This work is inspired by the famous dutch painter Jheronimus Bosch.

Marloes van Heteren created ‘moodwall’ in 2009 and won the Dutch Design Award for this work.

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