Are you curious about the possibilitiesof Studio Solarix facade panels on your design or existing building? The first SolarCheck, with an initial insight into the possibilities and expected energy yield is for free.


Significant contribution to a healthy, pleasant and beautiful place to live.


State of the art design in Actieve Gevel.


We apply new technology in new generation solar panels.

Solarix energizes people. We link green energy to beauty and smart applications: Solar Design. Studio Solarix wants to make a significant contribution to reducing fossil fuels and offers future-oriented solutions that are now applicable. We want our facade panels to be part of the building’s appearance and not hide on the roof. While the panels provide green energy, they can respond to weather conditions or people passing by by means of LEDs and sensors. An active solar facade with a combination of beauty and brains. Solarix offers the contemporary answer to smart cities and the energy transition. Curious? Be inspired and informed here.


Our method.

Studio Solarix can make an integral contribution to making buildings more sustainable, both in new construction and redevelopment. To this end, Solarix designs, researches and develops aesthetic, sustainable and energy-generating facade elements.

Solar Design.

The Solarix panel is more than a solar panel, not tucked away on the roof, but part of the building’s appearance. So solar design. A fully integrated facade system with freedom in dimensions, colors and structures. This design makes a strong statement, but also green energy and the possibility to create smart applications via LEDs and sensors. Such as a lighting design that reacts to weather conditions. The Solarix panels are extremely useful for new construction, but also for renovation and redevelopment.


Onze kleurrijke Solar Design zonnepanelen als zonneroute

Onze kleurrijke Solar Design zonnepanelen als zonneroute

Nieuws.Onze kleurrijke Solar Design zonnepanelen als zonneroute Solar Design als zonneroute langs de A37? Recent hebben wij in Emmen met een proefopstelling van onze Dot zonnepanelen laten zien hoe het kan worden en stonden we daarmee op RTV Drenthe en Dagblad van het...

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Waarvoor kom jij ’s ochtends je bed uit?

Waarvoor kom jij ’s ochtends je bed uit?

Blogs.Waarvoor kom jij 's ochtends je bed uit? In April 2020 kwam ik voor het eerst mijn bed uit voor Studio Solarix! Ik ging aan de slag als Business Developer, maar wilde eerst de ins- en outs van het team weten. Waarom doen we wat we doen? Dus interviewde ik eerst...

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