Studio Solarix designs solar panels for the facade of buildings. In this way we create beauty and identity for buildings (new and renovated), and collect sustainable energy at the same time. LED’s and sensors can be integrated in the product. In this way the buidling can both communicate and interact with its surroundings.
Technical specifications

Panel dimensions
900×900 mm
Dimensions of solar cells
500×900 mm
Yield per solar cells
+/-130 Wp/m2
Yield per standard panel
+/- 60 Wp 
Possible extra savings
EIA and other possible subsidy for BIPV
Custom design
LED and/or senor integration optional


Sky is the first collection of Solarix panels, presented at the Dutch Design Week in 2017. The different panels make a great composition with a variety of colours, perspectives and reflections. Together they reflect the sky and its surroundings. The glass is printed in blue and the C2C composite base has a leaf structure with integrated LED.


The Solarix Bright serie is inspired by the fall season and the Kuijpers building. The light bronze folded aluminium composite base is combined with colour printed glass panels in light brown and light orange. The colours adjust to weather circumstances and light perspective. Integrated LED’S light up the different solar panels.


Solarix Suit collection is designed to be a flexible building skin. The prefabricated elements come in different sizes to allign with the structure of the buiding. You can adjust your design to the orientation of the building and add green elements, balcony glass or led light to optimize a multifunctional facade.

Special (Bronze)

Exclusive for the Dubai Design Expo in 2018 we have designed a special item. The bronze panel with an oriental relief shows the unlimited options designing Solar Facades. The rough bronze and the bronze coloured smooth glass combine perfect.

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