Brainport Smart District – Eindhoven

Smart Living with Solarix. A built environment that is greener, healthier and smarter. In Brainport Smart District we are working on the design of the solar facade that can be used in several housing types. Technology offers us many opportunities in this regard, but in our view it is ultimately about the combination of beauty, data and smart use of space: the connection between city, building and people. We transform solar energy into design, give buildings identity and create value for the environment.

In this assignment we design with timber frame construction and Solarix facade panels.
The solar facade is the guiding principle in the design. The concept is to use prefab elements to develop a system that can be used to realize different types of housing (semi-detached, terraced house and detached). In addition, we are looking at an inner garden that can form part of the air purification and cooling of the home. With the design we strive to minimize the depletion of resources (sustainable materials and lighting, recyclable) and maximize the potential (sustainable energy, data).

At the moment we are jointly investigating the feasibility of the proposal.

Link: https://brainportsmartdistrict.nl/living-smart-met-solarix/

Project type: New constructions
Status:In development
Client: CRA
M2 Solarix panels: 1,100
Estimated annual energy generated: 108,000 kWh per year
Household energy consumption comparison: 36.1 avg. households
Estimated annual CO2 reduction: 46,548 kg CO2
Equals how many trees: 2,327 trees