The sustainable business complex Pharos next to Hoofddorp CS station has recently been completed. With its energy-supplying, smart and beautiful facade from Solarix, Pharos shows that the facade of the future has now been realized! We would like to thank client Cairn and contractor Coare and all our partners who have made this possible. Due to Covid-19, the grand opening will not take place until January 2021.

Pharos is an office building from 2003. The goal is to transform the building into the healthiest working community in Europe, in which circularity and energy supply are central. It will become the epitome of the circular economy. Solarix is involved in the redevelopment both as a consultant and designer.

What does the solar facade consist of?

The solar facade contains solar design panels from Solarix in combination with Alpolic panels.
Led strips are integrated over the full length of the solar facade for a dynamic effect in the evening.

Project type: Redevelopment
Status: Realised 2020
Client: Cairn Real Estate
M2 Solarix panels: 247 m²
Estimated annual energy generated: 13,500 kWh per year
Household energy consumption comparison: 4.5avg. households
Estimated annual CO2 reduction: 5,819kg CO2
Equals how many trees: 291trees