We apply the latest technology in new generation solar panels
We want to develop our products in a sustainable and circular way. We are constantly working on innovation and new possibilities. In collaboration with TNO, we have worked on a thin-film solar cell laminated in biocomposite. With this, curved and deviating shapes are possible and we can make various textures and apply different colors and techniques. This is now available for small projects and we are working hard to scale it up.

Improve energy yields
At the electronic level, we are currently developing a system in which each panel is optimized independently of its orientation. In this way, more technical freedom is created for the entire facade design. And at the same time energy yields increase throughout the year.

Technique also helps in fun factor
Development is also continuing at the sensor level. Our goal is to make the built environment more adoptive and responsive to the user. This is in line with our ambition to stimulate people in a positive way and to give the buildings more fun.

For more information about the (technical) possibilities, please contact us!