What can a sustainable design facade contribute to the energy transition?
There is an enormous challenge in the global energy supply. Cities will have to become greener, healthier and smarter. Sustainable and local generation of energy is essential to significantly reduce the use of fossil resources. The significance of solar energy as a sustainable contribution to the energy mix will increase significantly in the coming decades.

Significant contribution to a healthy and beautiful place to live
With Studio Solarix we want to generate clean energy locally in a beautiful and inspiring way. This from the drive that we must leave the world a better place for our children: a healthy, pleasant and beautiful place for them to live. We do this with our unique design facade panels with integrated solar panels, with which we seduce the market and with the projects make a significant contribution to making the built environment more sustainable. We are going for a transition to a healthier world!

Sustainable, beautiful and interactive
In the future, all buildings must generate energy in a beautiful way through facades. In order to achieve this, we connect technology to aesthetics. We want to come up with concrete and now applicable solutions for the built environment. With our Solarix facade panels, we design and realize sustainable interactive and circular facades that enable buildings to generate energy, be beautiful and stimulate other people in a positive way. In this way we try to make the city closer to people.

Our mission is to make the city closer to people through beautiful, smart, sustainable and circular facades.

Our vision in practice
Every day we work on a transition to a healthier world with less CO2 emissions. Our solutions can be used in new construction, renovation and transformation. In this way we are responding to the sustainability challenge that is also very topical for existing buildings. In our projects you can read more about how we put our vision into practice on a daily basis.

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